Technical Engineer

on the doorstep of the Cotswolds and South west

Lighting design and smart control integrator

KNX, C-Bus, Dialux

a single command  can make it happen

All Sectors:- Home, Residential, Work, Office, Warehouse
Lighting, A/V, HVAC, heating and ventilation, access control, gates, pools, irrigation etc...
Recent projects are Luxury residential 

System design and advice for Owners, Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors
Programming special functions
Commissioning and support

Help, Support, upgrades, assessments of existing installations welcome

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Choosing the right  Automation System

Fail Safe future proof systems without the reliance of a LAN connection or Wi-Fi

Integrated systems like C-Bus® fit your design

Hi-End  interfaces, input panels and switches control entire systems with built in special functions, security, timed schedules, lighting scenes, gates, doors, pools, irrigation, etc..  Design, Invent and control with low user interaction for big results

''''' Important Note:- 

Wireless smart devices are very useful and give complete control of your system,

But you will need to consider

1..... is the device in reach

2.... every user /guest will need a device

3..... will the device app still control after a upgrade, being at the mercy of software and hardware manufacturers with constant upgrades can be annoying but may also deny you access to your system

4..... what to do if the  device fails or is lost ! ''''''

Best Option:-

Integrated system's designed to operate the lifetime of the installation without reliance on 3rd party devices

I am not a stockist but may be able to help in design and sourcing components for your new or existing installation, just ask