A working example

The electrical installation of a luxury residential new build

Submitted a C-Bus control system for all lighting and heating functions combined with high quality LED lighting throughout.
Lighting designed to provide adequate illumination of functional areas and highlight architectural features inside and outside, building plans and Dialux software created the 3D model and a working plan for the lighting fixtures, the result a completed project that matched the 3D model with extraordinary accuracy. It became apparent when talking to building and electrical contractors we had used approximately 30% less fittings and 80% less power usage than current standard layouts although cost per unit was increased by selecting specific high quality fittings.

Underfloor heating divided into 12 zones initially controlled by individual thermostats and timers etc.. We agreed to use C-Bus for the lighting control and also the heating, so we fitted in wall under surface temperature sensors in each zone and set the lighting control panels to adjust the temperature for each zone as required.

C-Bus motion sensors were fitted in the short use areas, ground floor toilet and main corridor reducing the switch requirements, the sensors are completely programmable e.g. ability to override if you have pets moving around at night.

High volume external extract fans ducted from the ensuite bathrooms also controlled by the C-Bus system allowing for overrun timing and manual control from the local lighting control panel, fans in one external location reduced noise, high volume was selected to cater for the extended ducting.

The main door to the building is an architectural feature with no visible door locks, we fitted electronic drop bolts and a semi concealed proximity sensor connected in parallel with the C-Bus system.

The outside pool pumps and heating also included in the design with scheduled running of filters and usage times requests enabling pre heat and filter overrun reducing running costs not interfering with the automatic solar heating system we also installed to harvest the sun even when no usage was requested, part of the C-Bus 200mtrs from the main house, with an additional network cable giving high speed Wi-Fi  to the pool area.

Also included in the installation terrestrial TV points and Network connections, the allocated area for the power distribution board and some C-Bus units made this area the centre point for network switches and the tv distribution amplifier with careful arrangement for each type of circuit using common-sense and approved standards.

Block and beam construction of the building reduced Wi-Fi throughout the building a wired network allowed additional access points and high speed direct connections for media devices, the C-Bus devices installed use their own distribution for power and data unattached from any of the other networks they are unaffected.

Multi-media with pre-installed network and cables for loudspeakers.
Media from the internet (with a high speed connection) and portable devices provide most requirements, AV equipment does not need a bespoke system, for long term flexibility and simple upgrades we did not install a full media system but suggested the best on market equipment for current formats.
In the event of a music/cinema room being considered acoustic design had been catered for with C-Bus for the majority of room functions and a matched speaker system for the room design.

C-Bus Wiser2 controller was included in the design it added the ability to create specific event driven actions setting scenes, heating levels, scheduled tasks etc.. any connected C-Bus device can be controlled through these units. The Wiser2 or a C-Bus® Automation Controller opens a gateway to your local network and the Internet with Apps and Browser access on all platforms giving secure access to your C-Bus system (access levels and passwords required) from any location in the world.

We achieved a design with pedigree and lots more to offer as and when the requirements expand over years to come.

Contact :- info@hamptonsmarthouse.co.uk