Integrated control of buildings has been here for many decades it has enabled managers of large industrial and office structures to manage power requirements from one location, the added benefit of these control systems is the flexible way the system can be adjusted to customer demands.

What is C-Bus?

C-Bus is a lighting control and building automation system that was first developed in Australia in the mid 90’s and has since been used in tens of thousands of installations world-wide.

Flagship projects include Brisbane Magistrates Court, Wembley Stadium, Hilton, Sofitel and Westin Hotels, Sydney Opera House, Stadium Australia, McLaren F1 Headquarters, Manchester Stadium, the MCG and even 10 Downing Street in London.

C-Bus is used to achieve the following objectives in commercial environments and now in all environments :

  • Provide user-friendly control of lighting and other equipment
  • Deliver energy management and efficient solutions
  • Offer integration capabilities into other technologies
  • Future-proofing through the flexibility of system reconfiguration

With an array of products that is second to none, C-Bus can offer a solution for any applications

The line up includes a range of architecturally designed wall switches, colour and black & white touch screens, din rail and large commercial wall mount dimmers and relays, a multi room audio solution, occupancy and light level sensors, air conditioner thermostats and temperature sensors.

In addition to being able to operate within its own robust and reliable proprietary protocol, C-Bus also has a range of gateways and interfaces into other technologies and BMS systems such as DMX, Dali, BACnet, OPC and TCP/IP.

Two-way communication with third party products is also available through the C-Bus “Entente” program, where other manufacturers have met the criteria of Clipsal’s rigorous C-Bus enabled testing. These organisations include AMX, PC Aqualine, Ness Security, TAC, Cytech, Axeze, Automated Logic, just to name a few.

C-Bus uses “distributed intelligence”, which means it does not require a central controller like many other systems. The increased redundancy of this style of system architecture increases the reliability of C-Bus by reducing the risk of total failure, thereby making it a safer solution.

The open topology of C-Bus makes it extremely versatile in any installation by allowing either “daisy chain” or “star-wired” configuration, or a combination of both. The flexibility of this design ensures the most convenient, efficient and reliable solution for any project.

C-Bus is the tried and tested lighting control, building automation and energy management solution.

These systems are still in use and will continue to perform for many decades to come, C-Bus is not reliant on constant software updates or connections to the outside world.

In recent years reduced costs of equipment and improved styling makes C-Bus ideal for high end residential use.

Clipsal C-Bus by Schneider is manufactured to work in industrial environments and as such offer a wide range of control and measurement options, these are complimented by elegant switches and panels for almost all residential designs.

The range of C-Bus components and interfaces allows for your own design of devices such as switches to be integrated into a C-Bus design.

Each C-Bus device is connected by a single cable, this cable supplies power and data to and from the unit, cables can be connected in a daisy chain or star arrangement, you can connect new C-Bus units on any point of the cable, No need to run individual cable back to a single control unit, each C-Bus unit has its own processor and memory so it knows what to do independently of any other unit attached to the system .

Simple, cost effective and fully programmable
C-Bus is a micro-processor controlled wiring system for lighting control and energy management. It allows building managers and integrators to configure an area as required; such as automatically switching lights off or adjusting light intensity in accord with natural light levels.
In residential environments, C-Bus offers a total luxury package. Control multiple devices and integrate with 3rd party systems to achieve a customised solution.
With C-Bus, you can achieve an environment of comfort, convenience, security, and energy efficiency.

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